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Redemption Accomplished and Applied
Redemption Accomplished and Applied
by John Murray

Tuesday, April 24, 2001
Another retarded kid from Connecticut burned himself imitating something he saw on TV. According to the article, "Jason Lind, the 13-year-old Torrington, Conn., boy who set himself ablaze in January while imitating the same show, last week urged others not to play with gasoline and fire." First off, who the heck doesn't already know that?? Well, I guess the kid who set himself on fire Friday didn't. But seriously, how do you get to be a teenager without know that gasoline + fire + YOU = a bad idea? Anyhow, there's no way I'm taking advice from anybody who plays in gasoline and fire.

In a related story, a jackass from Kentucky is in the hospital after letting his jackass friend run into him with a car. On purpose. The boys videotaped the event in an attempt to get on TV. I assume they will eventually urge others not to videotape yourself running over your friends.

The local TV station was kind enough to provide a video clip of the incident. Of course, the only reason these kids are hurting themselves is because they saw it on TV. And TV news isn't about sensationalism at all. But here's video -- from two angles, with two instant replays -- of someone getting seriously injured. The video come with a disclaimer: "The video clip above was produced without sound because people who are not seen in the footage could be heard speaking profanities." Great! Now kids won't swear while they kill themselves imitating (or trying to get on) the news. Thanks for protecting us from profanity while exploiting someone's pain, Channel 5!

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